You Write Too Much!


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At least, that's what my family tells me. "You're always in your room and you never come out and it's really sad cause you're not paying attention to us" and on and on my sisters complain. I am not an introvert or an extrovert. More of an "Omnivert?" When you work or want to focus on a project, as I have explained to them, I have to lock myself away from the world. It helps me concentrate and work harder. Has anyone else ever felt pressured by other people to take it down a notch?


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I feel you. I get that ALL the time from my family. They've even flat-out told me, "there's something wrong with you."

Like you, in order to focus, I need to avoid distractions and get the job done, and get it done well, spending the time required to accomplish that.

Some people just don't understand, though! I think they think that since a job is being done from home, it's easy or doesn't even "count" as a real job, so, somehow, it's not supposed to take up your time as much lol


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I know the feeling. People who have no idea how hard writing is just don't get how much mental space we need to focus. It's too easy to get distracted at home. I'm perfectly capable of working independently at home, but people often initially assume that because I'm on my computer, I'm almost not even working. They learn quickly that's no the case, but it's annoying when what you do isn't considered as legitimate, or that your work is "easy."