Words have power!


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As writers, we know as well as any, the awesome power of words.
The weight that our words carry is enough to sink the most massive of cruise liners. Their power so strong that they can be used to heal the sick and even raise the dead. The very planet on which we live was spoken into existence by God. Adorned in light by His word alone. Such power aught be guarded in a careful manner. What has power to create can just as easily use that power to destroy. The mouth of an evil man will seek to bring suffering and devastation as far as his hatred will reach. While the mouth of a good hearted man will impart wisdom and compliment those whom he keeps In his company.

The insults and cruel words that drip from the tongues of bullies stay with us for all of out days. We grow and heal and even forgive the trespasses against our childhood selves, but in the back of our minds... we remember. For some of us, the past holds tight to the humiliation and embarrassment of our youth. For others, when we suddenly find ourselves the focus of that very torment we believed was long over, the feeling and self ridicule and humiliation return with maximum impact. All the years of therapeutic self care and image reformation in efforts to escape the blasphemous portraits our bullies painted of us in our own minds gone by the way side. After all this time feeling like they could never find us... feeling safe and secure and cconfident in the new self image we have created, they strike again. Shaking that new found confidence and leaving devistation and turmoil behind. How do we get back from that? How do you pick up those pieces once again and rebuild your self esteem?


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Dr. Laura has written a lot of books about this. Also the behavioral therapy industry discusses positive thinking and focused imaging reinforcement as a way to break dark negative spiral tendencies.
A lot of healthy thinking there. Forgive yourself . Understand and process feelings of anger and self destruction and hopelessness and put them back in their bins.
Understanding the complex sources of the way we feel is part of the human condition. Uncomplicate your knot of feelings and pull apart the knot , thread by thread.
Soon there will be no knot at all!