Why does Fiverr treat long time sellers with such disrespect


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Fiverr has a HUGE customer support problem.

I recently completed a video intro gig for $5. The client accepted the completed work, then turned around and requested that a license a different soundtrack for the intro and extend it from 7 seconds to 40 seconds.

These requests were unreasonable for the $5, so I requested that the order be canceled by mutual request. The buyer walked away with a free intro and I wasted my time and did not get paid. That happens on Fiverr - it's rare, but it does happen.

But here's the thing - Fiverr then turns around and demotes my account. You read that right - Fiverr punished me because of a bad client.

I immediately brought this to the attention of the Fiverr support team and they did NOTHING to help me. ZERO.

I've worked for Fiverr since the very beginning and have completed over 300 orders with a 5-star rating. And because of one bad buyer, they completely destroyed my good standing.

I asked that the issue be escalated to a manager - and that person simply sent me the same canned answer I got from the first customer service rep. Starting to wonder if the support desk is actually staffed by real people, or is it just a network of BOTS spewing out the same scripted answers?

In any case, be warned that if you work for Fiverr - don't expect any kind of fairness or loyalty - they treat their sellers with complete disrespect.


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I have experienced this several times and have told them that their customer service representatives behaves just like bots sometimes. They are not properly educated and doesn't know more than copy pasting. Whenever their is an issue with account or order and when you contact them, they say its as per fiverr "TOC" and beyond that they cannot disclose anything else! They never give any constructive reason for any of their action and just put one word "TOC".
Even when they demote your account and you will raise a request, they say that as per "TOC" your account has been demoted!

I guess, fiverr them self never thought of getting this success and now they can't handle the level of business we sellers are providing to them. Hope they improve their business soon, so that their is an good option to avoid fiverr and its customer care!


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So many horror stories with Fiverr.

I bet it will continue too.

They are completely focused on the bigger ticket gigs now.
Why not really its more commission for the Fiverr platform company.

Fiverr Pro means there is no reasons to help the beginners.