Who remembers their very first on-line post?


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Whether it was back in the dinosaur days of the old bulletin boards or the evolution of on-line community chats and message boards, do you remember the first time you ever joined in or started an on-line conversation? Did you fearlessly jump in or did you hesitate -- just a wee bit -- wondering how your presence would be received? What about that experience made the biggest impression (good or bad) on you?

I don't think I'll every forget my first venture into talking to complete strangers in the virtual world! It was way before MySpace or FaceBook was even a thing; I was a stay-at-home mom with a small child and two older ones in school. I was determined to learn to navigate the vast space of the internet. I found a site with a variety of boards that interested me. I spent about a week, totally fascinated by the camaraderie I saw, before I had the nerve to post an introduction and a question. My heart was in my throat when I hit that "post" button... and it felt like I refreshed a zillion times, hoping for a nice response. And lo and behold, people answered so welcoming and positive, I was immediately hooked!

For me, it was such a positive experience. Of course, I've had my share of dealing with the negative, but all in all, the positive far outweighs those few annoying hiccups. I discovered you're really never too old to learn something new... and sharing ideas, experiences and thoughts with others can really help you grow in the long run.