Where are you traveling this summer?


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I'm actually spending the summer in a little resort town in the Wichita Mountains. I have an absolutely gorgeous little cabin and I feel my creativity juices flowing already. I just moved in about a week ago and I'll be staying here for three months. I decided to come here to really buckle down and focus on growing my freelance business. I felt like I'd really be able to focus if I was just away from home for a while. Is anyone else traveling this summer? If so- where are ya'all headed?


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Where I live (Melbourne, Australia), we're just entering into winter on 1st June. So it's currently cold, wet and windy. We had a lovely Autumn which seemed to stop abruptly over the weekend and it's been wet ever since. Hoping for some sunshine and dry weather for the rest of the week though.

Our summer holidays are over the Christmas/New Year period and into January. Haven't, as yet, decided if we're going away yet, but I hope we do something.


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In the summer I like to stay home in Portland, Oregon. The weather is usually warm, but not uncomfortable, with cool nights for sleeping well. Portland beckons with free concerts in the parks, city-wide produce markets, biking and hiking trails and many world class restaurants and food carts.