What is the best Freelance marketplace for Beginners?


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Fiverr is the best freelancing site for any level of entry (beginner, intermediate and expert)...Good look with your endeavors!
I agree Fiverr is the best platform for a beginner freelancer. Here you'll learn a lot about how you can promote the service that you provide through videos, forums, and reading articles.


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In my opinion, the best freelance platform is Upwork (if you can get approved).

Fiverr started as a $5 service platform and positioned itself to attract low-paying clients. They've recently upgraded and made changes to re-position their brand to adjust their image and attract higher-paying clients, but clients generally turn to Fiverr with an expectation of low pay. In addition, Fiverr basically lets anyone sign up so there's an extremely high volume of competition compared to more restrictive platforms such as Upwork. The results is that you have a lot of people competing for low-paying jobs and driving prices down.

Upwork has many downsides. They have high transaction fees, and it costs money to apply to gigs. That said, the total investment is low, competition is less, and Upwork has positioned itself to attract the highest-paying clients from the start. They are a publicly-traded company that invests in U.S.-based televised commercials and specifically targets Enterprise-level clients, although their clients range from solopreneur businesses to Fortune 100 companies.

Fiverr and Upwork both have pros and cons, but in my opinion, Upwork wins out even with their fees due to the kind of clients they tend to attract and the lower levels of competition when compared with Fiverr. That said, there's nothing to stop you from trying both places, and seeing which one works best for you. If you get results on Fiverr, then it makes sense to go with Fiverr. Bottom line is use what works for you.

Just realized the OP was from last year. This information was true then, and it is still true now. So hopefully this will benefit others all the same.


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I'm going to say Fiverr too. Thought I'd use it as a side hussle. Then very quickly became more serious about it. There are lot's of people who want to underbook you, not paying for the appropriate gig extra's - but if you take the rough with the smooth - you could have a great experience from it all.

Good Luck.


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Hi! I can say that Upwork is good too. :)
I was able to get a client 1 week after I created my upwork account. But I also suggest that you try different freelancing sites like Fiverr, Peopleperhour,Freelancer.com,etc. so you have your options also. If you need help with your freelancing journey I highly recommend this site: https://www.fvaconsultancy.com/fva-academy/ it's really worth it. :)
Good luck!


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I am new in freelancing so i want and appreciate Good suggestions Thank you
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Ubawork.com is an attractive freelancing platform. It started working in 2018. I have got some good projects there and hope to continue working with them.


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Amazing thread! Never thought there's a lot of platforms available for freelancers. This is a good start for me.