What does your work space look like?


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Personally, my work space is mobile – it’s my laptop. I also make crafts and sell them online and I have an entire ‘craftroom’ dedicated to that practice. I was really curious what other freelance writer’s workspaces look like. In terms of an actual physical office space, I have my computer, a few pens, a notebook, my printer and printing supplies, and a calculator. That’s literally it. I try to keep everything on my desk as minimal as possible to keep from getting distracted. I do have my desk facing outside of a window though, which I find really helps boost my mood and energy level throughout the day.


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Kitchen table. By a window. Living in an apartment now, but when I do move into a house, it will have space for a home office, which I can picture now. I already know the kind of desk and chair I want - circled it in a catalog a year or so ago. I want one of those desks that can extend so I can alternate between standing and sitting. Has to have windows. Needs a lock on the door. Some inspirational quotes and photos on the wall. A dual monitor computer set up. A couch. Supplies. But beyond that fairly simple.


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About 59 post its of varying age taped to the wall and monitor. These tiny slips of paper have the password and username s to websites and accounts I have slaved over. Taped FAQ printouts I have been meaning to read. Stacks of open magazines in a crosshatched pile. Open to interesting articles I never have time to investigate further about.


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My work space is a big area. More like my women cave. Also have the view of the mountains outside my window surrounding me, so it’s pretty relaxing.