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I am currently debating whether to create a brand new freelancing site which targets UK freelancers. I know there are dozens of sites already but in my opinion as someone who has attempted to use them they don't seem to be very useful to new freelancers.

This site will be for UK developers / designers at first since I have experience in this field but as it grows I will include more areas of work.

I am a Certified AWS Solution Architect and I am also a Senior PHP Developer yet I can't ever find any freelancing work through these sites even when my skill are perfect for that position. I am run my own business where I have half a dozen clients yet for some reason these freelancer sites never work for me.

I feel most if not all freelance sites target the "Job Poster" rather then the freelancer. I would imagine since they are the ones paying the money thats the reason but it just doesn't seem fair.

Here are a few examples of what I believe would create a brilliant Freelancing site for people in the UK.
  • You must be from the UK to become a freelancer on this site - this prevents freelancers from other less wealthy countries undervaluing the work.
  • To post a job you can be from anywhere in the world - opens the freelancers options
  • When posting a job they must specify the required skills tags - when applying to this role you must match at least x% of these skill tags if not 100%.
  • Job posts have to meet a minimum standard - each post could be reviewed at first and as this grows I could create some type of automation which approves the job post if it meets the requirements - prevents people from posting "Need a website making" and the freelancer then has to guess what that is worth.
  • All job posters have to pay x% upfront after hiring a freelancer, this is a fix feature the job posters / freelancers can't disable - freelancers arent able to disable this since they may use it to try and win the project.
  • Unlimited bids - no monthly subscription which you have to pay for in order to bid on projects more often - freelancer.com give you hardly any bids and as a new freelancer this makes it close to impossible to ever win a project.
  • Allow past employers to right reviews about you - this needs thinking about to make sure that people don't make them up making reviews worthless but if its possible I think this would be a great idea to help new freelancers.
  • Job posts have to be reviewed after 2 days - 2 days is an example - the idea behind this is to prevent freelancers waiting a week for a job which is never going to go through - if the job isn't reviewed after 2 days then the poster receives a warning for falsely posting a job - x warnings and their account is banned - 2 days is plenty of time to pick a freelancer or cancel the job post.
  • The only way I would make money is through commission - x amount of first jobs won't be charged commission and there won't be a minimum fee.
I wanted to get everyone else opinions on this and see what ideas they might have. In essence this freelance site would benefit freelancers not job posters and it would also help new freelancers get off their feet. Helping new freelancers will always be the goal but experienced ones will also benefit massively.

I don't want to steal everyone's money just like the other sites do.

I look forward to hearing your thoughts.