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Discussion in 'Welcome Aboard!' started by LanceBase, Nov 1, 2016.

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    Welcome to, a progressive and energized F2F community. We hope you'll find the discussions here both beneficial and informative.

    At LanceBase the professional freelance worker might consider upgrading from Standard Membership, to the role of Supporter. Doing so will unlock a more premium-driven user experience, as well as reinforce ones commitment to the board's longevity. Supporter Membership advantages include: ad-free viewing, custom banner/badge, advanced signature options, private forum (Supporter's Corner) access and more...

    For tips on how to get settled in please visit the Getting Started page. (Recommended)

    Our helpline is always open, feel free to Contact Us anytime about Terms violations, abuse/harassment or any other forum related issue(s). Follow @LanceBaseForum on Twitter for service updates.

    :smile: Happy Posting,
    ~ Staff

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