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Mar 16, 2020
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Experienced WordPress web design for your Business and E-Commerce Business.
With so many people shopping on-line you need to have a presence on-line and that presence must reflect your Business. FAr to often I see WebSites badly designed and content that does not reflect the business in hand.
Worst of all, they look poor on Mobile or do not evan work on Mobile.

Why is Mobile so important, over 53% of searching is now done via Mobile.....in fact that figure is probably much higher. So it is vital that your site and your E-Commerce sites are Mobile responsive at the very least. Far to many sites are NOT mobile responsive, it is important that I repeat that fact.

It should be for the Web Designer to ensure these points, but for the sake of speed and cost so many do not. So check check and double check.

All the sites we design are DeskTop, Tablet and Mobile responsive and are designed with a host of featurers which I will list in another post.

But if you are interested then have a look at https://www.fiverr.com/paulobyrne/ and send me any questions.