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Jan 26, 2015
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The purpose of this Tips & Tutorials section is to educate LanceBase members about specific topics. Authors having their work featured will have a passion to help fellow freelancers recognize their full potential. Authors should also be experts in their field, preferably known in the wider freelance community for their professional achievements and/or contributions.

Tip = Less numerical order, more training article. (e.g. "20 Things You Were Never Told About X" or "Important Tips To Increase Fiverr Sales", or "Balancing Work, Family, and Life".)
Tutorial = A step-by-step fully developed instructional designed for our specific audience. Tutorials take the reader through an exact process. (e.g. "How to Remove a Background in Photoshop" or "Creating a Promo Video with FCP".)

Submission Guidelines
  • Submissions must be 100% complete.
  • Submissions must be 100% original works.
  • Submissions must not have been previously submitted or scheduled for publishing anywhere else.
  • Submission topic must have a direct relevance to freelancing and be of interest to LanceBase members.
  • Submissions should be formatted in a structured manner. If applicable, there should be a Table of Contents.
  • Submissions should be clear and concise, depicting concepts and procedures well.
  • Submissions must use American English spelling and grammar rules.
  • Submission title should be in Title Case.
  • Submissions should lead with a brief intro.
  • Submissions may contain high quality images.
  • Authors should be familiar with forum rules and policies.
Within reason, length will not influence consideration of a submission. If revisions are required the author will be notified.