Tips Steps to a Successful ASO Audit


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Oct 26, 2018
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Rostov, Russia
Here are some steps to a successful app store optimization (ASO) audit.

1. Keyword optimization: Analyze the title, subtitle, and description of your app. Do your research and discover which keywords will get you higher rankings, and which your competitors use.

2. Graphics optimization: Search for whether there is anything you can change in your visual assets such as an app icon, screenshots or promo banners, and what can be improved in order to attract more users.

3. Click-to-install conversion rate: Compare your current ASO indicators, user acquisition channels, and conversion rates with the average in the market and in your app category.

4. Ratings and reviews monitoring: Examine your ratings and reviews, featured reviews, and your competitors’ apps reviews, and discover how to improve them.

5. Uninstall rates: It’s important to know how and why your users deleted the app, and what actions can be taken in these cases. Come up with ideas on how to encourage them to reinstall it.

6. Final report: Summarize everything that has been conducted, what KPIs need to be increased after each step of ASO, and where to get extra traffic. This step helps you to see the whole picture and start working on your ASO strategy.

Good luck!


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Jan 7, 2019
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Great tips, finding the right keywords is hard, may try to copy the popular ones, but doesnt work, its very competitive.