Some of my short poems


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She left because of love

love left because there wasn’t enough

I had enough of betrayal

betrayal is what lead me to hell

hell is where my love went to die

every night I sit here and cry

for the one I once loved

knowing she left because there wasn’t enough.

Frost on the windows, looking outside

wondering where is the sky,

not know it is above,

I ask myself why do I need to thrive

knowing to live and also die,

I look out the window and wonder why.


Feeling the cool breeze hitting my face

what a beautiful way to die

It was summer in 2021 as

I was lying on the grass

I remembered my past

then I saw a glimpse

of the world above

as I lay dying happy

my spirit floated above.


Life is like a moving boat,

you never know how far you’ll flow,

until you patch down the sails you, won’t even have a trail,

so don’t get lost out on the sea, follow me.


Starving, thirst that isn’t the worst

hugs, kisses that’s what she misses

Her love, her laugher, that’s what I was after

anger, betrayal is what I caused

cause, doubt is why I shout

heartbreak, lies is why I died.