So… can we talk about coffee?


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Coffee might be the key to the freelance world. All of my freelancing friends swear by coffee to get them through the day. It’s hard to keep up energy when you have to be self motivated, so I think a lot of us reach for caffeine. I thought it’d be fun to share coffee recommendations. So give a shout-out to your favorite brand, your latte recipe, or your local coffee shop here. Let’s talk about coffee.

Personally I make a majority of my coffee at home. I make my own lattes with steamed fat free milk and sugar-free syrups from Torini. I use a variety of coffees but my favorite are Java Love and Equal Exchange brands (Mind, Body, and Soul by Equal Exchange is some of the BEST and most flavorful coffee ever- so good).


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Between kids, a full-time gig, and freelancing, i would not survive 48 hours without a couple of cups of java a day. I also try to make it to the gym and and drink copious amounts of water throughout the day, but it's the coffee that tends to give me the extra boost I need.

I am fairly agnostic on brand or type. I drink my coffee black and am particular to any brand of French Roast coffee I can get in a K-cup. I try not to spend money in coffee shops. I do have one weakness: a really great raspberry and cinnamon latte from a coffee shop in my neck of the woods that also has free wi-fi, cheap eats and owners who don't mind a freelancer or two sitting upstairs all day with minimal purchases.


I love coffee, its healthy. Too bad my body thinks otherwise every time I take a sip. :teardrop:

I love coffee shops, where one can pass the time in quiet reflection, and as a freelancer, sometimes I find a good change of pace leaving the computer behind and going for a coffee nearby or meet with someone there. The only thing is that coffee shops where I am are bloody expensive, and what they sell is usually a bunch of sugar, water and salt, with a bit of caffeine, all mixed in a cup they dare call "coffee"


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I must be the only one who doesn’t drink coffee. I respect coffee lovers though.


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It doesn't matter the brand when I drink my coffee, as long as there is at least 1/2 a cup of sugar and creamer in there.


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Coffee is a necessity, pretty much like air and water! I prefer a light roast that I brew at home, with just a touch of sugar and a heaping helping of non-dairy creamer. :biggrin: I should add that I enjoy hot and cold caffeine at the same time; my cuppa is usually sitting beside a glass of cold sweet tea (yeah, it's a Southern thing!) or an ice cold Coke!


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I am a coffee drinker, love the stuff! I can drink it at home but for me I love to be social and frequent coffee shops. I have a little annoying problem though... where I live there is only one coffee shop I can visit, why you ask?! I have complex allergies, dairy and soya to name a few! Tough I know, seeing as I want to drink coffee!! I use oat milk and for me this tastes great in coffee, and only one coffee shop stocks this milk replacement. Oh but then there is black coffee..... mmmm! But it has to be German! I love CafeHag but again finding that is near impossible in England! I look forward to that on my frequent trips to Germany!


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I can drink coffee all day. One of my clients recently sent me a metal travel coffee cup for a holiday gift. After using it a few times, I now consider it the best gift ever. It keeps my coffee hot ALL DAY! No more constantly microwaving cold coffee, or leaving my coffee cup in the microwave.

My coffee of choice is usually whatever premium coffee is on sale - Peets, Starbucks, etc., and it must be a dark roast. Weak coffee need not apply.


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For me, coffee is not all about being awake and having energy. Even though I sometimes do not have other choice and need to chug my cup of coffee fast, I really do prefer having time to drink it. In the past I used to drink coffee with milk but once I stoped consuming dairy products I started to drink only black coffee. What can I say, after your tongue gets used to the bitterness of black coffee you really start to feel the difference between different varies of beans and separate 'good' from 'bad' coffee. I cannot imagine drinking coffee with milk right now.


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I really enjoy drinking coffee. I make flat whites like a latte except in a smaller cup and with double the espresso so espresso:milk ratio is much larger. I am glad I now have an espresso machine.
I used to make flat whites with no foam at all but it was impossible to carry it to tables without spilling it. I wish flat white was never invented because of all the confusion surrounding how it should be.