Sacked from my last freelance role, how do I approach my next interview?


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Hey all,

Unfortunately in my last freelance role I was fired.. A combination of a lack of experience (in this role) and challenging circumstances.

I intend to learn from my mistakes, and look for a similar job soon. However, does anyone have any advise on how to tackle the inevitable question 'why did you leave your last position'.

I can claim I left voluntarily, it had come up to the end of my project, I had been there a year... or is it best just to be honest and discuss the circumstances and what you will take from it?

(This is in the UK btw- construction industry)

Any kind opinions warmly welcome




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Hi Capitan. Don Georgevich says take responsibility, don't blame others, be brief, and show why being let go from your previous job is not a concern for them. Watch this video for his thoughts on how to handle the situation you are having: