Pop Stars Who Hate Their Own Songs


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Although "Come & Get It" is a certified dance-floor bop, and reached No. 6 on the Billboard Hot 100 chart, Selena Gomez thinks it sounds like a Rihanna reject. Selena Gomez told EW earlier this year she doesn't like performing her 2013 hit because it "doesn't sound like her song."

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I can't stand hearing my own voice from a recording. Don't mind it when I talk, It's just when I hear it played back from a recording.


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Yeah we actually hear ourselves different then the others because the sound maker is also a sound receiver..I freak out every time I hear my voice recorded, I feel pity for those people who are listening to me every day :(


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I think every artist gets to this point sometime in their career. If you are a musician or writer, there is definitely work that you have done that you really don`t like yourself, even if other people do.