Payment terms


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Hello Everyone! I've just quit my job and have decided to go freelance! I've heard such negative things about payment terms for freelancers, I was just wondering if you guys could shed some light on this topic. I'm nervous about my cash flow and the problems I could potentially get into if I'm not being paid for a while! Please help.


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For me its the oposite. On upwork I can work for 20 dolars an hour , in my country its 4/dol hours. And always I do extra-mile, and try to learn .


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You are brave quitting your job like that to peruse a freelancing career. What line of work were you in if you dont mind me asking.


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I think you should firts try freelancing and then quit your job because it takes some time to find firts job, I gained the firts in three weeks, which is a lot if you are paying the bills alone, that means that I received some money on my account two months after I started freelancing


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The terms heavily depend on the platform you are using. I think Upwork pays you as soon as the client approves your work. Fiverr on the other hand, holds your money in escrow for two weeks before paying you.