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Jan 26, 2015
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Members wishing to hire fellow freelancers for various tasks may do so here. After the connection is made, proceed to communicate and move forward entirely at your own risk. We are unable to facilitate any communication or resolve disputes. While respondents have unlimited free access, OPs must pay a fee to create threads in this section. Upon acceptance, OP will have thread creation privileges for one (1) calendar year, at the rate of one thread/bump per week.

Forum Guidelines
The following guidelines are an addendum to the global forum Rules, and are specific to this Now Hiring forum. LanceBase TOU, and Privacy Policy should be reviewed thoroughly before posting. Failure to adhere to the guidelines and rules set forth may result in account suspension.
  • OP should list task duties, functions and responsibilities in addition to the education, experience, training, and technical skills required.
  • Respondents should reply accordingly, but include no link other than their personal Freelance Services Showcase thread.
  • Respondents should not include examples nor attachments in replies.
  • Nothing that could be considered illegal or black-hat please. If unsure, Contact Us.
  • Bartering services is acceptable.
  • Feedback by either party is acceptable.
Not open for further replies.