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TecJobb is a global freelancing marketplace for Technology jobs. A platform for freelancers to post jobs for IT Infrastructure solutions, design and Programming work. Working with tecjobb is easy and you will be able to build long term relationship with customers. Click Click here to find more details.


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If you’re one of those freelancers which is looking for a non-traditional freelancing platform to offer your services and want to start earning. Then believe me this post is very helpful for you. As you know Just recently, Upwork’s users go through horrible experience because Upwork introducing a new scheme of platform fees that aimed at charging heavily fee from freelancers. I also quit Upwork a month ago. I do not enjoy forcing peoples for freelancing but I want to tell you about RightFreelancer, where you experience freelancing without high competition.


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PeoplePerTask is the fastest growing platform for experts and service providers. It’s a one-stop-shop for experts from different domains to let people earn and keep their hard-earned money instead of taking a big chunk of percentage for every transaction.
0% — No commission or fee charged to companies to post their jobs
0% — No commission or fee charged to freelancers for bidding on projects.
2.9% fee charged for payment processing for freelancers for the first 3 months and then 4.9% which (others charging 10–20%).
2.9% payment processing fee charged to the employer/company.
0% — No commission or fee charged to users (employee) applying for jobs
0% — No commission or fee charges to freelancers to post services.

Posting Job is free
Posting Project is free
Posting service is free
Bidding on projects is free for freelancers
Applying for Job is free for Employee
Only when freelancer gets paid and Employer pay for project or service, we charge a minimal payment processing fee (bank fee)
Nevertheless, it's not about the lowest commission, in terms of features its caters far better features than its competitors like associating exams with jobs as a prerequisite so only those users can apply for a job who passed that exam, that will help an employer to only deal with primarily vetted candidates.
Very powerful dashboard to show earnings, jobs, services and much more. I highly encourage to explore


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2 great platforms you maybe missed out on,
Pacayo and Megapigs Multi language - multi currency exist since 2018 was in Spanish only but is now multi language they restarted! Make use of their affiliate program because not many know them so a good reason to promote it to make affiliate earnings. exist since 2019, many services available already as well good to start with it and promote their affiliate program to make extra money, freelance fees 10% only so very good for freelancers , no fees for buyers

friend of me is doing well on both of them, because he promote his gigs on social media all the time and make sales