Nominate New Platforms For Inclusion on LanceBase


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As for me, first of all you must to analyze all freelance works on all sites. I am always use service . It`s a good site for freelancers, coz all top-sites with freelance-works are converted in one. Very useful) Then u can find interesting way in writing for you and start work in freelance.


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Has anyone heard of They are quite new. I have gigs on Fiverr and Guru but someone told me Freelansy rates are a lot lower for Freelancers.

Has anyone used them?


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Hi there guys...just wanna share some exiting news ! We have just launched our new Web & Android Freelance website AppyBiz . Feel free to join us !


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In which are you think you are the best ? You can choose your that skill as a scope of Income . You can sell your skill as freelance services world wide with best freelance website udyamjob .
If you aware about your core area , you can mention here . we would love to suggest you how to start work with your best skill as a freelancer

All of it will be bit In future by upcoming Freelance website , It will be the best freelance website for beginners . will pay more to Freelancer than other

A new freelance website hosted from India with best opportunity to Freelancer to get more money for their work . If you are freelancer this is the best time for you to join udyamjob and listed your services free of cost .
This is first post here about udyamjob so link not allowed you can search about it on search engine where you see the udyamjob dot com website for your help


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Please include it's a new platform with free communication.

The platform takes no commission from freelances nor from customers. There is totally free communication between freelancers and their customers including email and phone exchange (as an option), and direct payments from buyers to service providers, too.

The platform encourages freelancers to build their own private clientele, each freelancer decides its own payment method (PayPal, bank transfer, etc...). It allows you to have links from your post to other posts on other platforms, thus new customers on the platform get very quickly my full track record, but I don't need to pay 20 to 30% commission.

You can also link from your post to your blogs, website, etc.


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We have built a freelancing platform (Aileensoul) you can check that to find freelance work and get directly connected with the employer.

We don't deduct commission like other freelancing platforms.

You can search, apply to project and message employer.


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Hi everyone, so I have been working on a concept of a freelancing website. Similar to Fiverr. The goal is to help freelancers save as much money as possible. This is done through a small monthly membership fee. I also plan make improvements in the following areas:

  • No random cancellations of accounts
  • Reduce buyers fees
  • No copyrighted work

You can check out my site here for anyone who is interested in something like this:

I want to test some of my assumptions and make sure what I am providing is what users want. If you can fill this short survey it will really help me on my research, and it will help you when launch time comes.

Thanks in advanced to all those who are participating!


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Hey there,

It is really difficult for people to start freelancing with zero experience.
The best way is to start from a small freelancing website gain good experience create a Pretty good portfolio and represent that on Big Freelancing communities like , Fiverr, Freelancer etc.

Let me suggest a good website for you to start.

Website: Click Here
Its a micro job platform (Marketplace).
Afrilant is a freelance/Microjobs platform.

  • You Get paid directly soon as the job is marked as completed and buyer accept it.
  • You Only pay 5% commission fees to afrilant


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I would request to kindly include Fivesquid and SEOClerk as well if this is related with 2019. Both of the platforms are quite promising. I personally like fivesquid because the do more scrutinize your services/gig during the launch itself and once its approved its all good compared to other ones. Second thing that its located in UK and primary currency is GPB which provides put little more in your pocket compared to USD in terms of benefits. There commission structure is value driven, so the more big your order is, the less commission they take. On the other hand SEOClerk is also good however, is restricted with specific offerings. I do mobile and app advertising which is included but I am not sure about designing and other sections, but again, good platform with comparatively decent customer care. If you are not aware of these two platforms, then I would recommend going it once.


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Taskenator is a global freelancing marketplace that connects trusted freelancers and savvy customers worldwide. We make job opportunities easy for freelancers by eliminating the 9 to 5 work model and by providing them with a more flexible model. We believe in the power of empowerment, so we empower Taskers with the freedom and independence to work the way they want. We are also making it possible for the future generation of Taskers to remotely do what they love with customers that value their efforts.


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If you havent checked out GetGigz yet, you should! We are free to use, no messaging fees like other platforms. Start building your profile today and help us create something that will change the way people think about earning a living. We want to make the gig economy easy to get into, and available to everyone with a skill set. We even made gigs click to pay like uber! We have a website and are available on both android and iOS in your phones app store. Check us out freelancers!