Need A Job Now? Apply These 4 Highly Effective Job Search Tips


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Jun 30, 2019
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Chicago Illinois, USA
Do you need a job now? and you have been actively searching for a job without any positive result? then stick around I will be giving you some highly effective job search tips that will get you hired in 2019.
With the current state of the economy and the increasing numbers of employable graduates, it has become difficult for one to secure a good job. But with the tips I will be dishing out here you are guaranteed of getting a job in the slim pool of available jobs.

4 Highly Effective Job Search Tips
1. Scouting
while it is easy and effective to use a job search board to look for job opportunities, with the huge number of job seekers applying for that same position you are going for the chances of your application making it to the recruiter’s table is very slim. So why don’t you do your own scouting by going out to look for these employers. Here is what you should do, after you have applied for that job position you are interested in online. Take your professional CV/Resume attached with a cover letter in a neat envelope to the company and submit it.
Avoid leaving your CV/Resume with the security at the company, in most cases it never gets to the employer’s table.
2. Networking
You might be wondering how networking is a great tip for job search in 2019, I will explain. It is stated that the best form of marketing is peer to peer networking. In case you are not aware you don’t only sell goods, you sell yourself as well. You might be thinking but I am not good at marketing”. Well you don’t need to have a degree in marketing to sell yourself. You just need the right attitude and determination. If you want your voice to be heard then you have to speak first. At your religious place of worship, groups or leisure gathering announce yourself let the people you are associated with know that you need a job now and you are available for employment.
3. Social Media
Social Media has become a very effective tool for communication and information. You will be doing a disservice to yourself if you underestimate the power of social media. With that being said, I will advise you to not only use that your twitter, facebook and Instagram accounts for pleasure but also use it to find available job opportunities. Most employers have become aware of the influence of social media and therefore use social media to advertise their vacancies. They also make use of it in their recruiting process.
Therefore if you do not own a social media account you should open one now especially a Linkedin account. Create a professional profile with it that employers will find interesting to go through. Remember these recruiters don’t know you, the best way they can access you is through your social media profile and what you post so be mindful of your profile and content.
4. Internship
Internship has been and will always be an effective tip for job search and here is why. There are companies that you will not be able to get a job in by applying directly. In this case another option for you is to request an internship with them. Most times these internship come with only stipends and sometimes no pay at all but if you are sure you want to build your career with them then it is worth the patience. The great thing about internship is that you will be trained by the company if you perform well after a certain period you can be converted to a full staff.
We know you need a job now, so why don’t you make use of these jobs search tips and see the effective result you will get and your job search will come to an end.