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Well hello there, it's nice to e-meet you.
This is seemingly my first attempt at freelance writing. I started writing creatively when I was in elementary school and began to dabble in journalism when I was in high school. My senior year, I became the coeditor and chief of the high school newspaper and published an opinion article where I received a national award.
After a few years into college, I started my blog. I began blogging in 2015 where I blogged about affordable beauty, affordable fashion finds, and other similar content. I also began a female empowerment movement called Spread the Love Hide the Hate, where I interviewed women all over the world about how to bring unity and love among all women.
In 2016, when I moved up to Washington, I created another wordpress site where I published a few of my short stories. I was always a little hesitant in sharing my stories with the world, these pieces were pretty much my babies.
So here I am now, attempting to make a legitimate career out of writing.
Feel free to check out my work: for the blog site and


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Hows it going, welcome. If you put the http:// before your links, they will become links fyi.