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Jan 26, 2015
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Member Referral Contest | Everything is better when you bring a friend! :cool: + :smile::smile::smile: = :riches:


How to Win
  1. Make an entry post in this thread stating "I'm in". Upon doing so you’ll become a valid participant.
  2. While logged in, grab your unique referral link (default or generated) from:
  3. Share that unique referral link through emails, blog posts, social networks, etc. Tell a freelance friend or two, invite all your contacts!
We'll deliver the good news to our winning referrers on Dec. 1st, 2018.

* 1st Place = $100 Cash via PayPal + One (1) free year-long Supporter Membership.
* 2nd Place = $50 Cash via PayPal + One (1) free year-long Supporter Membership.
* 3rd Place = $25 Cash via PayPal + One (1) free year-long Supporter Membership.
† auto-renewal for current supporter members.

Contest Rules
  • To be considered valid, the referral (new member) must complete the registration process.
  • LanceBase is a community of Freelancers. All new referrals should be freelancing in some capacity.
  • Attempt to circumvent the rules will be met with immediate disqualification and swift ban.
  • Please follow all forum rules.
What Counts As a Referral?
We provide each participant with a unique referral link. This link will be the URL the participant shares and will ensure that any referrals coming from that URL are attributed to their efforts. When member A is logged into their account, they can copy their unique referral link (default or generated) from: Member A can then post that link online, for example, to their Twitter timeline. Then, when member B (the referral) reads the tweet and clicks through the link to join LanceBase, Member A is recognized as having helped bring in Member B. Referral count can be tracked both from ones Account area, and under the "Referral Contest" Leaderboard tab located in the top navigation bar (

Contest Dates
Begins 5/12/2018 – Closes 12/1/2018

Please view Official Rules for additional info.

Good luck!
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