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Jul 18, 2017
Love what is love these days. I remember growing up looking up my grandparents on what love is.

First note that my grandparents started dating in the 1940s a different generation than today. They had chaperone 'dates' and it would be that the man would 'court' the woman. Both on my mother's and father's side of my grandparents they married at a young age.

Both grandmothers' it was their first and only boyfriend. Their one and only love. No pre martial sex and it was very traditional.

Fast forward time now we are in 2017. Times have changed and values are different. Now people rely on the internet to meet people.

Everyone has their own interpretation on what love is. For me love is choosing the highest good for the other person. You want the best for them. Love is always patient and kind. When you understand each other you will be kind to each other. Knowing someone will never lead to hate and leads to love.
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Well, love is being there for the other person, is selecting "us" instead of just 'me' or 'you', doing what's best for both.

Love is not about never discussing, never having a different opinion, is about being yourself without having to apologize for each and every single flaw in you. It is about voicing your opinion confidently, without being rude, and receiving a respectful objection or point of view. It is about overcoming differences, being both individuals and still work as a team. It is about being allowed to be who you are.

P.S. thanks for posting this topic and giving me the chance to blow some steam. My only regret is that I can give you only one like.


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Jul 16, 2017
York, PA
I've always defined love as the willingness to take complete responsibility for the other's well-being. That is not to say take care of them as if they cannot take care of themselves, but to make sure that your decisions are not just about what is good for yourself but also what's good for them. I like the way you phrased it _genieve, as choosing the highest good for the other person, which I think is clearer.