Looking for 4 spontaneous freelancers.


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Hi there!

I am looking for 4 spontaneous people who are able to work remotely and would like to live/work in a villa with complete strangers for one month :)

4 people are already IN and 4 is still missing!

Modern villa 5 minutes from the sea in Spain, Javea is already booked from September 18th. The best part is that it will only cost 350 Euros per person a month. 2 cars included, cleaner once a week, gardener, and fast internet connection.

Let's run from our daily lives for a little bit and connect with like-minded strangers!

Anyone who recognizes this as a great opportunity to exchange knowledge, make new friends, be productive, have a hell of a story to tell afterwards and so much more.. are more than welcome to sign-up here: https://villanture.typeform.com/to/cDAWDI

P.S video is from the area around the villa! :)