Just a little question for all of you.


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Hello just want to ask any of your freelancer has been doing a web development on wordpress?
Imagine if client ask you to show the work progress on doing their website. How should I present it, as the website still didn't have a hosting or domain.
and for the domain are you the one who pay the client or the client handle it on their own? or you pay it then just give it to the client as for changing it.

What i'm trying to ask is about the domain do I pay first and change it later or not pay it all.
and how if client ask to show the incomplete websites.

Oh and 1 more things are you doing the works LOCALLY or is there another way of doing it.

Sorry for the lack of introduction as I am new in this forums.
I knows how to make the website only the process of handing the website i got it confused a little.

Lastly, Is there any website that easy to get clients because currently I'm using freelance and has bid like crazy and for it to land a work really rare.


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Hey @Rtex23
Couple of questions there.
Lets start with the domain buying thing.
- Get The Client to Buy The Domain (It's easier. They know the length of time they want to buy for, The domain register they prefer, there is no waiting for a domain trnsfer to occur etc etc etc etc) obviously point them in the direction of you preferred domain register to be helpful... give them 3 x links in an email to 3 x different registers.
Depending what you've agreed you can then let them buy hosting or you can buy it for them with a mark up for yourself.
Note: you should separately buy your own domain if you don't have one already and put a sub domain on there or an app. to show off anything you do.

How to show your progress?
- there are a few ways
Low Fi - Just take screen shots (the chrome extension Fireshot is awesome for this)
Mid fi - make an invision click through prototype with screen shot (its a lot of work but if they're wil to pay for it why not?
Hi fi - shot them what you're been doing. In person if you want? but just send them to that sub domain you purchased and let them click around

Websites to get clients easily?
Yes, yes there is.
Also you have to make sure the way you do your pitches for those jobs is right.
That you address all the right things etc etc.



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Thanks for you reply chris....now I know how to handle the situation if it appear and thanks for the links it really help. :)