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Jul 5, 2017
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I"d like to introduce members here to a content management portal called joomla. I have found it very rewarding to use both from an architecture standpoint and as a text manager. And once you get used to the modes you can tweak skins well enough to render a custom theme and appearance to your clients.
Joomka comes with module packages which are like much more well developed applications that in WordPress are called widgets. But Joomla is an awesome content management and publishing system that allows a webmaster to host guest writers, embed publishing options like downloads for separate articles. Writers can publish using separate user names.
There are fun options like polls and gazettes and a lot more.Inside the superlogin account you can mastermind the layout of the whole thing. With practice you can learn how to embed the new site logo into the existing top banner bitmap. Furthermore you can keep control of ads, page views per section.and edit text size style and appearance. Joomla is a great tool and I urge anyone to test make a page and tweak it in Joomla. You and your clients will be impressed.

I think it would be rewarding.