Is there freelance marketplace w/o address verifications requirements?


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Mar 12, 2019
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I started to use and earned money on it. But while trying to withdraw my money they told me I need to pass their verification in order to do that. They ask me for documents I don't have like utility bill in english which are not sent in my non-english speaking country and also I live in parents house and all bills are to my parents name. So now it seems they will not give my money to me. I think it is unfair to not tell about this verification BEFORE I started to earn on their damn site. Is there international authority I can sent complaint about these damn australians? I remember long time ago I used and and there was no verifications at all but now I discovered these great simle effective sites were acquired by stupid burn in hell. I also was banned on after successfully finishing several projects with good feedback and w/o any reason (support agent told me I did not login too long to their stupid site). I am looking for simple fair and effective website like those 2 which do not exist anymore: and Is there such site nowadays w/o useless verifications and other crap into which big corporations turned in those sites? Or I want to create my own site w/o all this stupid crap so people can just help each other to do projects and earn money honestly and while doing this do not worry about something like account block w/o reason or useless verifications they can not pass. And you f**king australians who steel my money you swindlers welcome to my address to verify me or why do you need my address if you do not plan to visit me idiots burn in hell???