I will give you technical advice on the foreign exchange market


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Vital information.
Before you start reading, know that I am still a novice who is studying to get a license.
These are only tips from one who is studying technical analysis.
Contact me before placing the order.
The recommended order will also be made by me. In case of loss, I will give you another order for free.

What I will do?
I will give you a friendly opinion on what to do in the foreign trade market. The consultation will concern only the main markets, those included in the description.

What will you need to take advantage of my advice?
To take benefit of the consultation you will need:
1. Money to invest (don't invest money that you can't lose).
2. An account on a trading platform
3. Ability to load money into the account and carry out operations on the account itself.

If you don't know how to do this, don't worry. I am available to guide you through TeamViewer or similar platforms.

What will you receive?
You will receive precise advice on how to make the order. I'll tell you if you have to buy or sell and I'll tell you about any upper and lower limits of the order.

Why is the price so low?
As mentioned above, I am not yet a professional in the sector.