I will drive real organic web traffic from google for CTR and SEO


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By increasing the number of clicks from the SERP on the specific kw on which you want to be ranked, you significantly increase the positive signals sent to Google. And that works in your favor!

Numerous studies have been carried out by MOZ, WorldStream demonstrating the effectiveness of increasing CTR on SEO. This method has become a classic.

I offer an ultra-customizable service to satisfy all needs. Depending on the chosen offer, you can add more or less keywords.

Please read before ordering :

1) Your website must be in the first 100 search results on the keyword

2) We accept 1 to 9 keywords depending on the offer chosen.

3) Determine the amount of clicks per day/kw you wish to receive.

4) All locations are available.

5) Mobile and bounce rate customizable

6) Amount of pages visited is customizable

-> Once your order is placed, please contact me with the parameters you want.

-> Contact us for Bulk orders!


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