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Hey, welcome here,

I will be your Telegram Promoter, Shiller, Marketer, Members Add, Scraper, for your Crypto project on Telegram

Crypto Progressivisms - believe the philosophy of currency reform supported the thought of progress within which advancements in economic development, currency technology, innovation are vital to the digital world.

I will be a stuffed with life enthusiastic shiller in your group for your project and post regularly on your group. I'll also your group and tokens on other platforms, creating awareness for your token and alluring new members and investors to your group.

My other services includes:

Group management/ group admin/ Telegram admin

adding of members to your group

Crypto promotion, NFT, DeFi

promoting your project to other platforms etc.

Kindly contact me if you've a special project or request i will be ready to concentrate and work with you to grasp your goal.