I have 4k tell me what to do with it


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I got a settlement and I want to invest it in something that will make me more money. Like a website or something. Or should I invest it back in to myself and my freelance biz. I need a new computer and some other odds and ends.


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I would say not to spend more than 500 on a laptop but for sure spend a couple hundred prepaying a hosting plan. Then get to work partnering up with reseller clients
Use the monthly income to promote one central micro funded development idea. like seo or profit from reseller clients for cross promotion traffic building and content writing.
Student apps is a huge market to get into now. Anything that helps students or would be students is a huge growth opportunity.
snappy logo. Catchy domain and brand name, simple android compatible app and suddenly you are an enterprise.


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I would have said invest in crypto currency, but chances are you have already done something with it.