How to use your Android phone's camera as a free PDF Scanner?


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This question I asked myself after changing jobs. I'm an accountant who just moved to a larger company, which means I have to deal with more paperwork. Every day, I have to work with hundreds of partners and tax partners, so the scanner provided by the company is always working at full capacity.
I feel satisfied with this new job and the company's compensation and equipment support. However, there are times when I am outside, or do not have my scanner available, it is difficult to send documents to partners and I have to go back to the company and scan that document. just sent.
As a person who is not really tech-savvy, the fact that my friends introduced me to this application really surprised me. Indeed, it is PDF Scanner. So now I have 2 scanners, one at work, and one that I always carry with me. The PDF Scanner app has turned my phone into a miniature PDF scanner.
PDF Scanner can quickly scan a single page document, or my entire multi-page document file. I can scan with the camera or import photos from the gallery beforehand. Even when traveling, I need to scan my ID card or passport, I don't need to ask anyone. But what I like most about this app is that it has the option that I can launch the app quickly using the camera from the start, it's really fast and I'm very pleased with that.
Is anyone also facing the same problem as me? Hope my sharing will help you have 1 more solution to increase efficiency at work. I will leave the link of the PDF Scanner application below, let's experience it and share it with me to see how you feel.
Thank you and have a nice day everyone.