How to scan PDF using mobile phone?


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PDF Scanner app free turns your mobile phone into a portable tiny PDF document scanner.

PDF Scanner app free help you can scan documents, photos, ID card, receipts, reports, or just about anything. The scan will be saved to the device in image or PDF format and neither we nor any third parties can access them. A pocket PDF document scanner is really handy for accountant, financial worker, student or anyone. Stacks of documents will be a thing of the past when everything you can store in PDF Scanner app. The larger capacity mobile phone, the more scan document to PDF you can store.
The interface of PDF Scanner app free is very friendly and easy to use even for first-timers. Whenever you need to scan PDF document, just hold up your phone and take a picture with document scanner app . The application has 2 modes for single or batch with unlimited number of pages. In addition, with images in the gallery or downloaded from the internet, you can import them directly into PDF Document Scanner app and the application will create PDF files for you extremely quickly with one tap.
This PDF Scanner app has all the BIG features you need:
– Share your scans via email, popular social networks with one tap.
– Share one or several pages or all documents can be conveniently as PDF or JPG.
– Save scans to Photos gallery.
– Scan in color, grayscale, black & white or keep the original.
– Batch shooting mode with unlimited number of pages is convenient for you when using a large number of documents with a single shot.
– The edges of the document are detected automatically.
– The scanner is optimized for quick PDF scanning.
– Set default size for PDF (Letter, ID card, A4, and more) in Setting. – Start with the first camera scanner screen quickly
– Can be used whenever you want, even in low light conditions with the flashlight in the camera scanner.
– Cut, copy or paste pages between PDF documents.
– Quick PDF document search by title.
– Full-featured file manager with folders, drag & drop and document editing.
– Sort documents by name or date.
PDF Document Scanner app turns your mobile phone into a completely free portable scanner pro for the scanner app. Scan document to PDF will make your work simpler and easier.
FAQ - Support problems users encounter while using Document Scanner app:
* Is it possible to add additional pages to the generated PDF file?
On the PDF viewer screen, press the camera to scan or three dots, then select import from gallery to add one or more pages to an created PDF file.
* How do I copy a page from one PDF file to another?
On the PDF viewer screen, select and hold on any page for a while or three dots, then select select. Next you select the pages you want to copy or move, then select the destination PDF file.
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