How to move to a new place, without contaminating it with bedbugs?


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Aug 9, 2018
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I have to live in a dormitory, and I found out, that there are bedbugs here. I reported it to the administration, but they do not care about my problem. They know, that we have no other place to live.

Fortunately I am finally able to move to a flat, but I am afraid that I will contaminate it if I just move there. How should I transfer my belongings ( clothes, microwave, computer, etc... ) without transfering the bugs too?

I can't find where the bugs are, I just found some walking on my bed, and I have many itchy bites.


I can not leave everything there. I have a desktop computer, electronics and dishes in cardboard boxes. Those are too valuable for me. But if I have to, I will leave behind my traveling suitcases and clothes.