How to Create, or Claim a Service Thread

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Jan 26, 2015
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Create a service thread
Registered members needn't do anything other than post a new thread. After a brief pass through moderation, the thread will be live. To include links however, the OP must have a post count of at least two (2).

To avoid duplicate threads, please search for your name and/or service thoroughly. You may already have an active thread waiting to be claimed.

Claim a service thread
By claiming a service thread on LanceBase, you take control of its growth and general direction. Upon successful transfer, you may update your thread with as much information as you want, as often as you want.

Benefits of claiming a thread:
  • Option to bump once per week/7 days
  • Style and personalize thread content
  • Gain exposure, attract new business
  • Request reviews and peer endorsements
  • Answer questions from potential new clients
  • Receive alerts to new activity in your thread
How-to claim a thread:
  1. Sign Up, then activate your account.
  2. Contact Us to request a thread transfer. Include the link of thread you'd like to claim, and new thread title if applicable.

How did my service(s) end up on LanceBase?
Our friend @Turbo is a busy bot, always zipping around online looking for freelancers to help. He took notice of your service and wanted to lend you a hand with promotion, by creating a thread on your behalf. He's happy to keep threads safe and sound until they're claimed.
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