Tips How to Boost Your App Downloads For Free


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Oct 26, 2018
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Rostov, Russia
Here are some quick tips to marketing your apps without breaking the bank.

  • ASO – App Store Optimization. Learn it, and live it! Check to make sure users can find your app easily.
  • Got a Cool App? Get a Cool Title! – Often overlooked, the title of your app is a powerful marketing tool. The catchier, the better!
  • Get a Cool Description too! – Hook users right away, and make sure they're excited to download your app.
  • Get Your Icon on Point – This is the internet, and the “Don't judge a book by its cover” rule does not apply. Invest some time and thought into the look of your app's icon. It's the first thing people will see on the app store. Now put that icon everywhere. Need a background image for your social media sites? Boom. Need user icons? Done. Keep your branding as visible as possible.
  • Fiverr – There are a ton of gigs on Fiverr to help you promote your app.
  • Hashtags – Witty hashtags have a way of taking off. Create hashtags for your app, and you can easily track how they're trending.
  • Localize – Translate your app into as many different languages as possible.
Making apps and marketing apps are two entirely different skillsets. It might have been a snap for you to program the next big app, but it can only take off if people begin downloading it. Luckily, there are plenty of opportunities like the ones listed above, for you to market your apps without putting out more money.

Good luck!


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Jan 7, 2019
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Great advise, app business is really competitive and is very hard to be noticed among thousands of apps.