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Have you ever seen bloggers talk about making thousands of dollars a month? There is something that they are doing, better yet, a website they are using to help drive thousands of dollars a month. In fact, if you ask any successful blogger or freelancer, there is one website they are all using to make money: UpWork. UpWork is, without question, the best and safest freelance hosting website in the entire world. With thousands of opportunities every single day, there is a job just waiting for you to apply. So presuming that you have already signed up and created your profile, we are going to teach you today how to book a client on UpWork. It’s not as hard as you think when you learn the science behind it.

STEP 1: Optimize Your Profile

Take it from someone who not only freelances on UpWork but also hires on UpWork, if your profile is not up to par, you will not get the project. When it comes to booking a client on UpWork, you want to make sure your profile properly markets yourself and your talents in relation to how it will BENEFIT the client.

If you have any sample work, make a catching an appealing portfolio. Clients WILL look at your portfolio. Imagine applying to a job on UpWork as applying to a physical job – take it seriously.

STEP 2: Find the Perfect Job

Now that your profile is up to date and looks like a professional freelancer, it’s time to find the perfect job for you. UpWork has an amazing job searching system that is EXTREMELY easy to learn and use. Depending upon your freelancing services, utilize the search engine to type keywords or the type of job you are seeking.


For example, type in the word LOGO or Virtual Assistant. For graphic designers, logos are one of the most common jobs on UpWork. Scroll through the list of jobs available. If there is one that catches your attention as desirable with mutually agreeable budget, click the job and prepare to apply!

STEP 3: Develop a Strong Cover Letter

Now that you found the potential perfect opportunity that meets your every expectation, it’s time to develop a strong cover letter that appeal to the client. Now, if you are not familiar with writing cover letters, don’t fret! There is a literal science to developing high-quality cover letters that will secure you the job of your dreams.

To show you how it works, here is a SAMPLE cover letter for applying for a blogging position.

Hello there (Insert Company name or individual name if possible),

I recently came across your job posting, “Need 5 Blog Articles in 48 Hours” and I would be honored to join your team for this project. With over seven years’ experience developing high quality blogs, I have mastered the art of blog writing.

When it comes to blogging, it’s imperative to make sure each blog is optimized for search engines, prepared for digital and social media marketing, and maintains the integrity of the material at hand. As you can see from my samples, this is something that I am excel at.

For your project, I have a great understanding of the material because I have written dozens of articles and studied the topic in depth at the University. As your blogger, I can promise and dedicate the highest quality blog pieces with quick turnaround times.

I am available to chat today, if that works for you. I am not a fan of wasting time and would love to begin writing right away!

Let’s not waste time and I look forward to hearing from you very soon,

You see, there is an art to crafting cover letters on UpWork. You want to intelligently craft a letter that mentions your strengths while also really honing in on how you can help them. At the core, what is a client seeking on UpWork? Help! Tell them how YOU can help THEM. In other words, after writing your cover letter, ask yourself, is the client aware of what they will gain from this project?

Now, what happens if the client asks questions?


Take the time to read the entire question and answer it to the best of your abilities. Always remember to read your answer out loud and make sure there are ZERO spelling or grammatical mistakes. Sometimes, like the example above, will ask questions to measure your attention to detail.

STEP 4: Consider the Budget

With a stellar cover letter, you are almost READY to go. The next step is considering the budget of the client and discovering how much you are willing to work for.

In the example provide, the client's budget is dictated at $50. Let me give you a little tip top secret. If you are going to offer a potential client a budget HIGHER than their anticipated budget, you can kiss the project good bye. The whole goal of this step is to look at the client’s budget and offer what you are willing to work for WITHIN their budget.


Sometimes, clients will enter a project at a budget of $1000; however, they are wanting the freelancer to offer a genuine price per project. For example, a client that is seeking a logo might offer a budget of $1,000; however, they want to see how much you charge for one single logo. Be honest with the client and consider your time, effort, and their budget when establishing YOUR price. Remember, this is a bid and other people are bidding against you, competitively.

STEP 5: Don’t Forget Samples!

You are so close to booking this client on UpWork! There is one last step to consider before submitting your application. Don’t forget to submit samples AND a resume. This is probably one of the most important steps of the entire process. Why? Well, without a resume or sample, all the client has is a well-written cover letter. While that’s great, the purpose of the project isn’t developing cover letters. If it’s a designing project, provide 4-5 different designing samples! If it’s a writing project, provide 4-5 different writing samples!

Also, be sure to cater any and all examples in accordance to the client’s needs, wants, or desires. Many clients will specify what type of samples they are seeking.

STEP 6: Secure the Client

Wow! Congratulations. You have developed a top notch application on UpWork! Wasn’t that easy? The last step is to hit the magical button: Submit A Proposal. Once you are happy and content with EVERYTHING on your application, submit and secure! Give the client time to read your proposal and in no time, you will find yourself with this message:



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This guide to booking clients on Upwork is quite helpful. Thank you.


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That is a very useful guide. Upwork is becoming a gret platform for freelancers, every day more competitive and you have to try your best to get more customers.