How should I deal with late paying clients?


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So, I looked in to it and physical violence is apparently not allowed ... Late fees are a waste of time and suing is pointless (even if you win). Besides, all the options listed above will ultimately lead to the loss of a client.

I'm looking for suggestion on how to collect payment from existing overdue invoices without loosing a client .... or going to jail.



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never extend or deliver above 200% of the amount paid. Structure big jobs in groups so content and quality queries don't make you backtrack.
example: write profiles of 50 senators. Deliver 5 at a time and receive pymnt for five, and so on until done.
The payment signals approval of quality and style. Its the orderer's job to evaluate in a timely manner if the work is up to snuff.
Accept work from forum members from places like dnforum and namepros. You can ding their rep with neg feedback if they lame out.
4 collection maybe try calling the phone number of the icann listing for that website and/or letting the webmaster know what is going on.
Also set up terms when beginning. e.g. finished 5 out of 100 senator biographies, payment within 72 hours.
otherwise document spaced inquiries and begin PayPal complaint. Paypal needs to know who it's baddies are.
Accept other terms only thru trusted clients of which you have long standing good billing history.
hope this helps.


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A few things can be done to help the situation but overall if nothing helps the situation then it'd be very much better to cut off services to the client until proved better.
If you haven't already then try to talk to the client one on one and figure out what the issue is and why they are having trouble with prioritizing. Also take note that if you keep letting the services go without payment on time then most likely chance is that you fall lower on the prioritization list for them because they know they can make late payments with no repercussions. Be sure to hold a responsible, formal discussion that ensures they know you won't be allowing it anymore. It's okay to say "No." to a client. You being the boss, you reserve all rights to refuse service to anyone for your own reasons.
Another one would be setting up a dedicated payment option such as terms of having them pay before service is delivered if possible and not letting them prolong it.
Legal binding contracts may be something that can be used depending on the services and terms, which would then be worth the time possibly. Of Which you could add in a financing alternative and/or interest rate which may lead the client to be a little more accepting if they aren't able to make the full payment all at once.

Personally my opinion is that you should let the client go and deny further services to the client till payment upfront is made because if you expand enough losing a bad customer and getting a few more good customers would benefit much more than just keeping the bad client who never pays their fines on time.


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Thanks for the responses!

I find that, not all but some, clients are just notorious late payers. Talking to them is fine but I'd expect to hear ll the same lame fake excuses. My clients are bad, just bad at paying. I would love to hold back the work before they pay but I know that balls to enforce that either. I think it take a smooth talker (which I am not) to speak to clietns about getting paid quickly. And being the lazy independent business person that I am ...I'm wondering if there any free or paid services out there that does the collecting and enfocing for me.


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I'd look into It works with PayPal, and it you can set it up so you don't start work until they have deposited funds into

Yes but gig clients don't like to follow rules. I used to say hey I'm not a 7-11 you can't return it if you already consumed it. My quote includes anticipation of prompt payment and fidelity to original assignment guidelines.