How my puppy delayed my delivery date. What delay yours?


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Jan 24, 2020
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Hi am a full time graphic designer, most importantly am a human. A human with a hormone called love which makes me feel good and eases the stress we face trying to please clients every other day..

Last year, i read a forum talking about fiverr. Without much convincing i knew i needed some extra cash so i headed straight to open my account on fiverr. It was completed. Months without a single sale i gave on the platform even thinking of deleting my account.

So finally i got a sale from a very nice client. He got the ball rolling for me on fiverr.

Everything began to flow perfectly as i began to make more sales. So on a good day i was watching the TV suddenly i noticed something strange on my hands 😲. it was so shocking i got so scared cause it has never happened before.

The shocking feeling i got is that i didnt get no feeling :frowning_face: (keep scrolling you are gonna understand)
YEAH, you heard me right. I felt nothing!!! this is because my dog(pilot) has never missed watching TV with me before. To me it was an involuntary response by my brain because my brain has analyzed that the usual fur on my dogs body is missing from my hand..

I got up and began calling his name. he actually came out but looked so sick and pale. i went into our room just to see that it sh*t on my laptop and damn, it was so watery and bloody...

I was done with that work before i thought of resting in the couch with a cold beer and a football game, but before i knew what was going on and could fix my laptop. Delivery time has ended.
Client was a furios woman i tried to chat her on mobile app and explain but she just headed straight and canceled it all. Since she canceled the gig, it felt like fiverr saw me as a badguy and i have got an order since then, i create a new profile :cry:

Seriously i dont regret anything that happened because i really loved my Dog, but sadly i lost him in the same sickness 😥 :cry: :cry: 😭

By the way, am looking to make it all right this year. i just created a stunning premuim logo design gig which i have put a lot of time on at least this time I've got no sick puppies or other stuff that can shift deadline!