How much do web developers charge to do maintenance service?


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What do most web developers charge per month to maintain a client's website. Keep plugins and core up to date, and run backups on theme files and the database. For those that do this, what is a reasonable rate to charge? Small businesses (local restaurants, bars, farms, etc)


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Well if you market it like that it doesn't sound very valuable, does it? :)

When I've sold maintenance on a retainer basis I've marketed it as a way to prevent data loss, security breaches, and brand damage. I've appealed to their fears. Which might sound shady but it's a cornerstone of marketing tactics.

Most people have no idea why they need these things or why they're important so we have to teach them. The times I've done this I've used multiple tiers to price effectively. It's included more than just keeping their CMS up to date. The goal has always been to build a relationship and create a channel so I can keep providing value and strengthen that bond.

Here's a pricing table from an old proposal, which to be honest, is way too detailed. I've learned since but I still think it shows the basic idea: