How can I get freelance jobs easily?


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Actually Im planning to work as freelance developer and I would like to get placed in a top company but I'm not able find any such top companies. Can anybody help to find the best freelancing company to start my career?


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Sure freelancing gigs aren't hard to find, and I would take them as only the start of your career. You can start on places like upwork & fiverr, but a marketplace like will allow you to be in a quite marketplace to find a job. As I said freelancing is the start, the beginning. If you never diversify into investing you might start to hate freelancing when you get successful as It is stressful doing all those gigs for people. I've seen from experience companies big or small really don't care about their freelancers. I would look into creating passive income for yourself so you have freedom. May God Richly Bless You!