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Hi there everyone !

I am pleased to introduce myself:

I'm Chris (nice to meet you people)
I am from a South american country, I love being a Volunteer Firefighter (since 2008, wow long ago...). I study Industrial Engineering (Not sure if the translation is called that way) and I also work at the Innovation Department in my University.
I love doing sports, that's why I'm looking to be a Freelance, specially Crossfit and swimming. Indeed, I am the second national best in my category.

What are my skills
First of all, my mother language is Spanish, but I can speak German and English too (well my German writing it isn't that good)
I am good at planning and also I'm good in looking for new Knowledge.
I love talking (sometime too much D: ).
And I'm in love with technology, entrepreneurship and innovation.
I always try to be as responsive and responsible as i can, giving always my best. I'm also looking to work with teams with good communications and with the intention of teach and learn about everything.
And as last point, I'm junior front-end developer, (with a ½ full stack course on the way).
I've been developing some WordPress local websites. (They are not known, just because they were favors)

Right now I'm looking for a project to keep myself motivated in full stack development and also to make new friends and connections with new people.

Hope hou have a nice day (Sorry for the long post)