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Hello all,

Little highlight on me, I am a 35 year old father of two (daughters, God help me), I was born in the great white north of Alaska then transplanted my self in Australia for 15 years until returning home to the U.S. recently (specifically Oregon, does it ever stop raining here?). I am not yet a professional writer, I am working on the second draft of my first novel, have done some free lance articles and working on a few to get published in some ezines (least pitch them). I am a 15 year ex bouncer now reside in not to different field of hotel management (trust me my skills of dealing with morons comes in handy).

I am an avid reader and am always speed writing (most will never see the light of day) and the great thing about my current job IS the fact I work overnights and often have plenty of time to write. I have a single downfall in my writing (besides not being pro) I tend to over build, what I mean is that my fictional stories even small, have expansive detailed worlds surrounding them, I create cultures, religions, names, histories etc. Some may think this is not a downfall but when you spend more time on the world building, you often forget the stories within. I would be very well suited to a job in which I merely create every aspect of a universe in which stories are told.

My writing tends to be dark, unhappy endings, circumstances and tragedy. My influence here is H.P. Lovecraft, even when the genre is not within realm of horror. My writing often is very violent, something I am familiar with due to previous career. This is not everyone's cup of tea and that's cool, but I have to say it is not all like that, but generally all does have fairly dark humour.

Thank you for taking time to read my ramblings, have a great day.