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I'm currently working full time in California. I'd like to keep my full time position and do extra works as freelance to get a few projects a year.
What would happen if I'm laid off from my full time job? Would I still be able to apply for unemployment benefits or would I be considered like "working"?
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independent contracting is the formal term for writing gigs. And no you can't collect unemployment because you could never claim that you had turned down every gig offered.
That's how the edd discounts your claim. They evaluate your skills and offer you work.
But the work is often not legit and crummy from really crooked people.
They take the lowest wage you've ever made and marry it to the skill you can offer. They can track your earnings by social security number. If you were laid off from your full time job you would have to eliminate reporting the "side work" to get benefits.
You would start getting a check, but a year later when you file your taxes the 1066 forms would come in with the statements of earned benefits. Yes they classify unemployment benefits as income for taxes. So the govmt reviewer may analyze in what quarter you were doing side work and realize you were drawing benefits at the same time.
There are criminal penalties for this and/or sometimes forfeiture or fines according to what you were "overpaid" in benefits. You'd get a notice calculating the "overpayment" that occurred. Yiur fullrine job earninfs might get garnished if this natrer wasn't addressed.
Furthermore you might not be able to claim unemployment for many years in addition.