Tips Getting Started Freelancing


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Here are a few tips I've learned along the way that really help kickstart any small online enterprise.

-Start Out Pricing Your Service Undervalue
Why in the world would you want to price your service LESS than what it’s worth? That’s a great question. Pricing your service slightly below all of your competitors helps you in two ways. If you have no previous rapport with buyers, they’ll be skeptical buying your product without seeing feedback from other investors. By offering a good service at a low cost you are able to gain a bit of feedback- which will then allow you to raise your prices. A lower starting price also means that people believe they received a good deal, which inclines the probability that you will receive very positive feedback for your job.

-Offer Less, Deliver More
If you are offering a gig that says you will write 300 words- write 350 words. If you are offering a gig that says you will give a business a shout out on Instagram- also give them a shout out on Twitter. Surprising buyers with a little extra shows that customer service and quality work mean a lot to you. And both of these traits help you grow a customer base and gain positive rapport in the freelance community.

-Start On A Popular Gig Site
Personally, I began my freelance business on Fiverr and was able to expand off of that site and into my own website. With that being said, it’s extremely hard to gain a customer base off of your own independent website. It’s always best to start out on a larger online selling platform- whether that’s Fiverr, Etsy, or even Amazon Services.