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Getting Started, quickly.

Upon successful Sign-Up at you will receive a confirmation email containing an activation link. You must click this link in order to activate your account and complete the registration process. An option to resend the confirmation email will be made available. Should you need to edit the email address you can do so through /account/.
  • Username must be unique (not used by another member)
  • Email address must be unique (not used by another member)
Profile Completion
Completing your profile is an important step toward becoming an established member. Having a completed profile allows other members to learn more about your professional role, experience, skills, and interests. When keywords contained within a profile are used during a search, that profile will then be displayed in the results.

To complete your profile:
  1. Click your username (top right corner) to display the dropdown.
  2. Choose Account Details.
  3. Provide as much information as you'd like.
  4. Click "Save Changes".
Browsing Forums
Browse and explore the forum(s), familiarize yourself with our culture, then head on over to the Introductions arena to make your first post. Or if you prefer to dive right in, the Freelance Community Chat awaits; the most popular, most visited forum here at LanceBase.

Guidelines Stickies
In addition to the global Rules, each forum has specific guidelines that must be adhered to. These guidelines are pinned as Stickies, please take time to read them in depth before posting.

Staff Profiles
Located under a staff member's name, "Staff" is displayed to ensure visibility.

Members may at any time ask site related questions via Contact Form. Staff are very active and always willing to lend a hand, when possible. Alternatively you may try contacting a Moderator through Personal Conversation (PC). Chances are they have an answer to your question and will help you sort things out.

To mention another member in a post, simply place the @ symbol before their username (e.g. @LanceBase). Doing so will automatically alert that member as to which post they've been mentioned in.

Ad Removal is able to provide a fast, reliable, secure forum environment, free of charge, in large part due to ads being displayed around the site. To remove these advertisements entirely, please consider upgrading to a Supporter Membership.

For additional site info please view the Help Pages.
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