From the “let’s catch the sprite” to the “DGEra Chain”, the blockchain technology will rewrite the definition of “game”!


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Aug 13, 2019
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What is a blockchain game?
As the name suggests, blockchain games are games that use blockchain technology to power part of or all of the game.
Since the blockchain encryption market has become less popular, the voice of rationally dealing with disruptive new technologies has dominated the market. Insiders have said that if blockchain technology wants to really spread out, there must be a killer application landing. Besides, the hope is pinned on the blockchain of finance and games seamlessly, and the one land firstly is the blockchain game.

In April 2019, Tencent, with a market capitalization of HK$5.5 trillion and 1 billion users, launched its first blockchain + AR exploration mobile game “let’s catch the sprite”, attracting millions of users to participate in the demo. By the beginning of April 2019, "let’s catch the sprite" finally announced the official opening of a wide range of test app download appointments, the official website shows that more than 10 million users have made appointments, and the number of appointments is still increasing. On April 11th, the non-delete file is on the line, which means that it is a step closer to the blockchain explosion game operated by a big factory.
Tencent's influx of blockchain projects shows that the potential of blockchain games is huge, and the number of game players is a few orders of magnitude larger than that of financial users. If you can better solve some existing problems, the real explosion The blockchain game is also coming soon.
In August 2019, the RPG game based on the large 3D blockchain developed by Ethereum, DGEra Chain, was officially launched. This is the real blockchain game in 2019. Inheriting the heat of "let’s catch the sprite", the DGEra Chain once again hit a new high. Using blockchain technology, the DGEra Chain will overturn the existing game industry.
During the founding period of the DGEra Chain, the player mainly domesticate
dragon. After the founding period, the player can create his own character "dragon master". The characters will have different races with corresponding ethnic attributes, talents, etc. will be different. Players can switch dragon and dragon master perspectives to take an adventure in DGEra Chain. When the character is selected, the other one will be controlled by the AI.
The DGEra Chain utilizes the characteristics of the blockchain that cannot be falsified, and transparent, so that the Ethereine public chain in the process of dragon growth is truly open and transparent. The project party launched the founding dragon and dragon crystals at a fixed time as the underlying economic system of the game. And intend to continue to develop a series of games with the dragon as IP images.
In the DGEra Chain game, players purchase the founding dragon through ETH. Each dragon has its own initial attributes, and players need to purchase items such as “Dragon Crystal” and “Meat” for the creation of dragons and participate in platform mining and dividends.
The mining revenue is the Dragon Coin. The higher the dragon's level, the faster the coin production rate. The Dragon Coin is the only pass in the world of the DGEra Chain. In the future, Dragon Coin will be launched on the global mainstream exchange.