Freelancing Niches


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Which would you consider to be the most successful freelancing niches nowadays? Is it content writing? Graphics design? Social media? Maybe even programming? What do you think?


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From what I can see...graphic design and website development are very popular across the globe and not surprisingly Asia(India) has a very active freelance community. Virtual assistants are being utilized more and more and becoming more versatile especially when it come to wordpress implementaion


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Off the top of my head, I'd probably say programming by a margin over web development. With web development, plenty of clients really only need what you can develop from a WYSIWYG editor, and looking at some of the proposals on sites like Upwork recently, I think that's starting to be reflected in the price. I'd follow that with graphic design, because there seem to still be a good number of clients who understand the skill level involved (unlike with content writing or social media management).


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I've gotten so good at content most of NY older clients just reg the domain name and send me the login. Once you know how to fill out a WordPress you just have to find other ways to make the content appealing and entertaining. The trick sometimes is holding back a client from adding every bell and whistle. I guess website development for domainers is what I do best.