Freelance Web Devs, how do/did you find clients?


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If you are a freelance web developer currently making some viable income, where do/did you find clients? :geek:


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All my clients are ex-colleagues, ex-bosses, friends, friends of friends or some random acquaintances from the real life.

I have never actively searched for work, but I guess going through your address book and sending a focused message what kind of work you are looking to do (what value you can bring your clients), and saying that you'd appreciate introductions to people who might be in need of such services should give a substantial number of leads.

Important, i think, is to pitch what is it you do in layman's terms, with some specifics or use cases.


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If you are a freelance web developer currently making some viable income, where do/did you find clients? :geek:
Your question is the exact question that freelancers come to me and ask. I have a best solution. Just confirm that you are interesting in doing a job as a freelancer. I will have the best answer for you.


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Please be noted that this is a piece of advice, not a guaranty for your success.
You have said currently you are making some income. It means that, you have some customers right now. There are several ways freelancers have been doing:
1. Registering yourself on Freelancer. com or
2. Apply to a Freelancer Management company in your area. There are bunches in each city.
3. Building your own network.

For 1 and 2, it is easy to do, but it is a passive way from my point of view.

For a talented freelancer, I recommend the 3. This is an active way. You want to build your own network, your own market aggressively. Question now, how to do it?

There are a new tool, call You need to email them [email protected] to get registered. Once registered, you become a business, although you don't have any sort of license like a registered company. It does require a physical address. You can use your address. Don't fake your address, because this is the trust from customers. A freelancer with an address will get more trust than a no-where-to-find one.
Then, start using the vote function to ask your current clients to vote for you. By doing so here are advantages:
- Clients in your city find you easily. How, they just open the app, they will see you.
- You will be ranked among the best freelancers in your country, and in the world.
- Access to the world market. The clients around the world can find you easily.
- You are a trusted developer without saying. Why? new customers will see how your previous customers vote for you.
- Extremely low cost. You don't have to pay any commission fee, because you deal with your clients directly.

Please be noted. This tool is for future. Right now it is launching in Atlanta. So you can take advantage of being the "first" in your area.

If you want to try the app, download "global vote" app Globalvote Inc from app store. Android version is coming soon.